Musical Depreciation Show — Weekly Podcast For Music Enthusiasts!

There are thousands of podcasts available on every subject. From political podcasts to supernatural podcasts, it is pretty easy to find a podcast for every type of interest out there. However, one thing that is hard to find any sort of talk shows or podcasts about is music memorabilia collection. The Musical Depreciation Show is dedicated to showcasing all things related to music memorabilia. We know that without learning the ins and outs of music history, of how all music is intertwined and how objects hold significant memories, we cannot truly appreciate collecting. Tune in every week for a new exciting episode! 

What We Talk About

To the untrained eye, this might look like a fruitless topic, but there are countless things that are covered on the show. Some of the topics included are:

  • Interviews with classic musicians about their most beloved items
  • Interviews with historians about the history of particular items
  • Book reviews that cover the history of significant periods in musical history or significant collections
  • Famous collections that house famous pieces
  • Coverage of collecting conventions, as well as biographies of significant collections
  • “What’s New in the Collecting World” — where Steven tells you about his latest and greatest musical memorabilia finds

About the Show

The Musical Depreciation show was founded and is hosted by Steve Peterson of Cosmopolis, Washington. His collection of Bruce Springsteen memorabilia is home to over 800 different items — including tour shirts, rare vinyl, and vintage posters. Steve grew his love for Bruce Springsteen after seeing him with his parents in Seattle at the age of ten. Now, he has been to over 60 different Bruce Springsteen shows and quite a few Little Steven shows to boot. While he promises not to drone on and on about Springsteen, he hopes to foster an environment of music lovers who are dedicated to preserving the history of music both in the US and worldwide.

Tune in each Tuesday for a new podcast that you can listen to while you drive to work, clean the house, or do your next treasure hunt for the things you are passionate about. The podcast is available from iTunes, Soundcloud, and Podcast Republic. There is a plus membership, which brings you an extra episode each week (and helps Steven score new memorabilia finds.

Do you have something you want Steven to showcase on the Musical Depriciation Show? Don’t hesitate to reach out and let him know. Thank you for listening!